(pronounced ‘gunny-wiggal’)  

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Thunderbolt's and Waterfall Bushwalking tracks - Goonoowigall NSW Australia 

* there are more tracks than are shown here

Goonoowigall Bush Tucker PDF

Goonoowigall State Conservation Area - Inverell NSW Australia

 Goonoowigall - Waterfall circuit - Inverell NSW Australia

Goonoowigall Waterfall Track - Inverell NSW Australia

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Inverell Bushwalking Club

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Please Note: Ensure you have adequate sun protection, stout footwear and be observant.

Thunderbolt's Track Circuit - 4km - At point A or B take the track to the Lookout and then return to starting point. Between points C and B the track can be rather steep, so I recommend hiking poles for stability. I recommend doing the circuit clockwise, as one can loose sight of the track coming from the other direction , if you are unfamiliar with the terrian. The track is poorly defined.

Inverell from Thunderbolt's Lookout at Goonoowigall - NSW Australia

Thunderbolt's Lookout

Waterfall Circuit - 5km - I recommend doing the circuit clockwise, as there is a steep section between points D and A and it may be easier to negiotiate going up, than down. I also recommend hiking poles for that section for safety, due to the loose gravel.

Waterfal Circuit - Link Track - Goonoowigall NSW Australia

Waterfall Circuit - Link Track - Goonoowigall NSW Australia


Goonoowigal State Conservation area - Inverell

Goonoowigall State Conservation Area

offers the Waterfall Circuit, Thunderbolts Circuit and the link tracks that I have covered above
as well as  the Middle Creek Track, Nhunta Karra Track and the Slot.




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