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Bio on Wendy Waters
Alexander The musical
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The Medici Files - A Humorous dig at the Da Vinci Code

 The Musical

My name is Sheherezade

SCHEHEREZADE is a modern classic adaptation of the Arabian Tales seen through the eyes of the storyteller Scheherezade. It is a colourful, dynamic and highly entertaining musical for all age groups. Scheherezade is a feisty young commoner who marries into the Harem of the troubled young Sultan Schariar. The Sultan is murdering his wives after one nuptial night. Scheherezade decides to tell the Sultan a story but tantalizes the Sultan by refusing to finish the tale. When the executioner arrives the next morning, Sultan Schariar sends him away. For 1001 nights Scheherezade keeps herself and her friends alive, until the Sultan abandons his morbid practice altogether.

Feisty, imaginative women have been saving lives for a long time.

Scheherezade is a family musical celebrating the spirit of life.


The Show

Goddesses is Wendy's second musical. Wendy wrote the script and co-wrote the music with Ian Camilleri. The show provides a number of rousing numbers, including "Because I can!", "You were Talking About Me" and "I'm in Charge of Heaven!" matched with several sweet, mellow pieces, including "All That is Lovely is Hiding," "Where Is the Man?" and "The Dark is my Friend."

Matched with a humorous script, Goddesses touches on all those issues pertinent to humans and, indeed, Gods and Goddesses.

Goddesses the musical


Wendy Waters

Wendy has performed in venues all over the world. She is a composer and lyricist of the musical SCHEHEREZADE and Goddesses. Wendy lived in America for five years. She fronted Jazz bands in Honolulu, Kauai and later Seattle. She has one daughter and now lives in Sydney Australia.

Prior to discovering a passion for composing for musical Theatre, Wendy performed as a cabaret artist in Sydney, London, India, Hong Kong, Israel, Spain and Greece. The main reason for performing in such exotic and unusual places is that Wendy has a passion for travelling and exploring her spiritual nature. In each of these places she visited sacred sites.

The moments she finds most interesting are the ones full of mystery and inbued with spirit. Wendy has a strong sense of her current destiny and past reincarnational experiences. She sees both as being forged together. The songs Wendy writes about are about spirit and pose the questions she finds difficult to answer in her own questing. She shares with many others, a fundamental belief that we are all ONE.


Wendy Waters

Wendy Waters

Unique in the field of musical theatre, Wendy has composed the score and written both the lyrics and the book. Wendy is the only woman in the world to have achieved this. The Music Man was also created entirely by one person, but that one person was a man.

The world of musical theatre has been a man's world ... until now!

Wendy won second prize in the 2010 Wergle Flomp humor poetry contest sponsored by Winning Writers. It is a parody of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem
"The Lady of Shalott".

Click here for Wendy's poem.

Wendy won the Australian Women's Weekly / Penguin Books short story contest 2007 with her story Fields Of Grace. Her short story appears in the October 2007 edition of Australian Women's Weekly on page 307.

Wendy has been working  on the musical ALEXANDER in collaboration with Sue Rivers Mack to produce a double CD of the show. Wendy has also rehearsed with some original cast members to produce a vital new staging of the show. The CD will be sold at the show and available to interested parties via this site. ALEXANDER is a modern rock musical with the brilliant gospel influences of Sue Rivers Mack and stunning lead vocals from Jon Whitten, Shane Kelly, Wendy Waters and Asha Martin. After the Australian staging Wendy hopes to take the show to London. 

Publicity photos from Goddesses 

A MUSICAL CALLED FRED is being created in collaboration with Sue Rivers Mack.
Synopsis: Three women live side by side in a block of units. They pass each other in the hall, but that is all. Each is lonely and struggling with a deep-seated unresolved issue. A male angel called FRED visits each one. He arrives in the simple guise of electrician and while he is 'fixing' the wiring he ministers to them and unites them in the common goal of assisting each to heal and truly live. Sue and Wendy plan to release the CD late 2007. The show will be offered to an off-West End theatre in London.

You can listen to some tracks from FRED on MySpace


The Medici Files

The Medici Files, a parody of The Da Vinci Code, has a vibrancy and life of its own. Italian tram conductor, Marcello Medici, is the only suspect the police have for the murder of security guard Jean-Paul Gurniere in the Paris underground. The body has been arranged in the shape of a pentacle. The words ‘edliW si racsO ?tac ym deef esaelp enoemos lliW www.marcellomedici’ have been etched on his chest in his own blood.

When the two policemen investigating the case are found dead in their squad car outside Jean-Paul Gurniere’s apartment, Marcello escapes Paris with a bald giant named Phil. A series of baffling codes leads Phil and Medici to the writings of an ancient tribe of nomadic Eskimo-Indians known only as the WWW. The trail of codes leads them to the recovery of semi-masticated banana leaves found in the bellies of frozen woolly mammoths. The controversial philosophy of the ancient WWW has been scribed in sap on the fleshy foliage. If this arcane message reaches humanity, it will tip the balance of power forever. The church is worried. Satan is worried. Simone Bouffant, the delectable Venusian goddess, is worried. Louis Van Bete, the Beast-Master, is worried. Marcello Medici holds the answer to the riddle that stretches deep into the frozen wastes of Eden and beyond. But unless he can fit the pieces together quickly, the most liberating and powerful truth that humanity will ever receive will be lost forever.

Wendy is the winner of the 2007 ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly’/ Penguin Books Short Story Contest for her short story, Fields of Grace, published in the October ’07 Women’s Weekly.

‘The Da Vinci Code asks the question. The Medici

Files has the answer! Hilarious first novel from

talented writer Wendy Waters; a must-read!’

Hazel Phillips OBE - Actress/Writer

‘Laughter is the best medicine! Everybody needs a dose of The Medici Files. Can’t wait to see what this talented writer does next.’

Aldwyn Altuney -Director/Photojournalist AAXpose Media

Wendy Waters author of The Medic Files

The Medici Files by Wendy Waters

Author photo by Dawn Lewis

©Wendy Waters 2007

ISBN: 978-1-921240-33-1



The Medic Files by Wendy Waters

Zeus Publications

Available to purchase on-line at Zeus Publications

Wendy has just completed a manuscript called Catch the Moon, Mary?


Audio CD

Collaboration with Aboriginal Storyteller Francis Firebrace to create an enhanced musical adaptation of an Aboriginal Dreamtime story with the track Walk In My Footsteps.

The track Tiger from the album is heard in the Australian movie The Pact starring Sigrid Thornton and Robert Mammone.   A clip from the movie featuring the soundtrack can be viewed here -


Up Coming Audio CD's

Wendy has been working on 'Water for Roses' which will feature some of the songs from 'A Musical called Fred' and a taste of Celtic chic. The CD after 'Water for Roses' will be completely Celtic. Celtic harmony and melody is a particular passion of Wendy's. The Celtic CD will be co-written with Asha Martin who also features on 'Water for Roses'.


E-Mail Wendy, or enquiries on 


Bio on Wendy Waters
Alexander The musical
Fred The Musical
The Medici Files A Humorous dig at the Da Vinci Code


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