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(The Mother Snake)

In the beginning the land was flat, and the great Mother Snake lay in a deep sleep in the very centre of the Earth. For a long time she slept, and then there came a time when she awoke and crawled up through the very earth itself. Breaking through the surface in a shower of ochre dust. As she journeyed across this flat empty land, so powerful was her magic, that she caused it to rain heavily, and her body track's were filled with water, thus creating long winding rivers, great lakes, billabongs, and water holes. Everywhere she traveled, nurturing milk from her full breasts soaked in to the earth making the land fertile, and lush and green rain forests grew with hanging vines, trees of many shapes, colours and patterns.

By digging her nose into the ground, she created mountain ranges, valleys, and some parts of the land she left flat, which we now call deserts. Then returning back into the Earth she awakened the animals, reptiles and all other land dwellers. Animals that carried their young in a pouch, some that lived in the trees and others that burrowed under the ground, desert animals and forest animals, reptiles of all sizes, colours and patterns. She took them all to live on the surface of the earth. She then awakened the bird tribes, and placed them in the air so that the sky was filled with birds of different shapes and sizes, parrots that were all the colours of the rainbow, flightless birds that walked on the land, long legged birds that danced on the plains and others that flew high in the air and nested in the mountains and trees.

Next she awoke the water creatures, and placed them in the rivers, lakes and vast deep oceans. Fish that darted and swam in the shallow streams, frogs that sang in the shadows of the night, eels and turtles and strange creatures that lived in the depths of the oceans. Then finally She awoke and brought from the womb on the Earth itself, man and woman. And they learned from the mother Snake how to live in peace and harmony with all these creatures who were their spiritual cousins. The Mother Snake taught them their tribal way to share with one another, to take only what they need and to honour and to respect the earth itself. To respect the spirit of all the things, the trees, the rocks, the creatures, because all have a spiritual dreaming. Man and woman learnt that they were brother and sister and they should support, love and learn from each other and that all things have been placed in balance with Mother Earth and that this knowledge must be passed on to their children, and to their children yet to come. And man and woman were now the caretakers of this land. And the Great Snake then entered a large water hole where she guards the fish and other water creatures, so that when the aboriginal people fish, they know to take only as much as they can eat. Because if someone should take more than they need through greed, or kills for pleasure, they know that one dark night, the Great Mother Snake will come out of her hiding place in the water, find and punish the one who broke this tribal law.

This story comes from the indigenous people of this great land, who have been here since the beginning of time, and if we listen to the messages it contains we would not only have harmony amongst people of all cultures, but most importantly we would provide a future for our children, and their children yet to come.

It is known that of all the worlds natural waterways are polluted, also large forest areas are being cut down at an alarming rate. Our children are being fed chemically focused food. The fruit we eat is full of large amounts of insecticides. Meat is contaminated with doses of hormones. Even the sun is becoming our enemy because of the greed of large companies, while the leaders of this country (Australia) continue to support a system that is rapidly deteriorating. Although I see and believe we live in exciting times of spiritual growth and change, I sadly feel that we must go through much harder times before the uninformed, greedy and corrupt people can learn the simple truths of the above story. If we choose to ignore the lessons of the past we will be forced to relive them again in the future.


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