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 Phillip Jackson playing didgeridoo

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I first began playing and teaching the didgeridoo in 1994. The impact that this ancient instrument has had on my life has been more profound than I could have imagined; personally, culturally, and geographically. As well as offering me a glimpse into the traditions of the world’s oldest continuously running culture, this extraordinary instrument has literally fed me, housed me, clothed me, and taught me.

During my travels around my adopted homeland of Australia, I have had the privilege of sitting and working with Aboriginal elders and didgeridoo makers from several Aboriginal nations, and I have always been encouraged to “put the culture up front” through my use of their instrument. In other words, to encourage people to develop a greater understanding of the instrument within the context of its traditional use. I strongly believe that knowledge is indeed power — the power to create positive change through cross cultural appreciation.

This ethic forms the foundation of my use of this ancient instrument.
I first met Francis Firebrace in the UK in October 2000, and since then, it has been my privilege to accompany him in performances throughout the UK, Europe and Canada. As a non-indigenous Australian, I am proud to work alongside of Francis as a symbol of reconciliation between Australia’s first peoples and her newer populations.

Phillip and Francis

Phillip playing didgeridoo

Phillip also has a regular radio session on the BBC in Brighton, which takes place on Monday AM,

from 6:40-6:55am (GMT)  on BBC Southern Counties Radio (95.3FM).

Phillip's radio based site

All the bands that Phillip features on his radio session can be found here:-

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