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 Aboriginal Storyteller, Poet, Artist, Cultural Educator,
Inspirational Speaker, Celebrity and Entertainer

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Francis Firebrace

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Francis Firebrace devotes his life to teaching Aboriginal culture and spreading the messages of equality and reconciliation through the Dreaming stories, Art, Dance and Music. Francis performs in all types of  venues, including festivals, theatre, schools and universities and continues to do so all over the world..

 Francis has a C.R.B check (enhanced) to work in the UK Education System.

Francis teaches Citizenship / Personal - Social and Community Health Education and Art








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enquiries & Bookings:

UK Manager / PA :

phone 07811 323 392

or email your phone number
so we can discuss your needs and arrangements.

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currently based in Surrey, UK





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currently based in Surrey, UK

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Contact Francis either by email, post or phone on 07811 323 392. You can then arrange a date and time. Most schools have booked for an entire day, its your choice, where there is a morning performance of Storytelling for one and a hour hours, a break, and then a didgeridoo workshop for an hour, another break and then a Art Workshop for an hour. These are guidelines only and performances can be shorter. Your needs and choices can be arranged. Special schools are catered for and the performance is suitable for pre-school to senior citizen.  Francis has also worked with interpreters in countries like France, Germany and Iceland.

* storytelling

* costumed appearances

* poetry

* didgeridoo

* workshops

* raising self esteem seminars in schools

* audience participation

* caters for young offenders & special    schools

* discussion

* storytelling through art

* Spiritual Workshops

Enquire: if your school has special needs 

Francis Firebrace's work takes him into schools, colleges, theatres, universities, libraries and festivals

Francis caters for all audiences  pre-school to senior citizens.

Francis' performance and teachings also
activates self esteem and team building.

Fun and Entertaining.
The gentle way of learning.

Francis also caters for children and adults with special needs
as well as young offenders. 

 enquire if your school has special needs.

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