Francis Firebrace

Aboriginal Storyteller, Poet, Artist, Cultural Educator, Inspirational Speaker and Entertainer

teaches  PSCHE and Art
Personal Social Community Health Education


Francis Firebrace's work takes him into schools, colleges, theatres, universities, libraries and festivals


All age groups pre-school to senior citizen

The entire family

Francis also caters for young offenders and schools with special needs.

Francis' performance and teachings also
activates self esteem.


* storytelling

* costumed appearances

* poetry

* didgeridoo

* workshops

* raising self esteem seminars in schools

* audience participation

* caters for young offenders & special schools

* discussion

* storytelling through art

performance details

references and testimonials


Francis is available all year.

 more performance details

Booking Details

Education with Imagination!
School excursions without leaving the classroom!

Teachers can have a holiday
while Francis Firebrace takes the class on a journey.

An entertaining journey, of fun and
exploration  of the Australian Aboriginal culture.

Francis has entertained, thrilled and enthralled audiences the world over
 with his Aboriginal Dreamtime stories.

Let Francis transport you to new places,
other times and cultures.

The performance is also interactive with Francis soon involving and inviting the audience to participate in the performance.

Francis' performance and teachings also
activates self esteem.

Fun and Entertaining.
The Gentle way of learning.

Francis has a Police Clearance to work in the UK Education System.
Francis also caters for children and adults with special needs as well as young offenders.
Enquire: if your school has special needs

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