BootEasier - Boot stabiliser and shoehorn on a 55 cm handle.

BootEasier - from a standing position.

A steel shoehorn and boot stabiliser on a 55cm handle

enabling the user to slip on their boots from a standing position.


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BootEasier for slip on Boots and Shoes

Locate boot using Booteasier


Step 1:

Locate your boot. Placing boot stabiliser and shoehorn at the back of the boot.

Booteasier - sliding heel down shoehorn

Step 2:

Point foot into boot. Sliding heel down shoehorn.

Booteasier - from a standing position

Step 3:

Remove BootEasier from boot.

To remove footwear - reverse the steps.

Comes in a range of colours and can also be used to remove footwear from a standing position.





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