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Koori Artist Colin Isaacs

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All Colin's art are collectors pieces and the prices will reflect that.
Colin's art is available for exhibitions and showings. 

Title: Gecko

Description:  Geckos are small, usually nocturnal reptiles with a soft skin, a short, stout body, large head, and weak limbs often equipped with suction-padded digits. Most geckos have a call differing with the species and ranging from a feeble click or chirp to a shrill cackle or bark.






Title: Goriwall

Natural ochre and acrylic on canvas board

Title: Stingray




Description: This piece represents three forms of translation for the same symbol. Two people around a campfire, talking, their totems and it also represents a waterhole - the strength of the waterhole and all the generations that have used it.  It also represents a walkabout track around Guyra and Ashford.

 Title: Spirit of Tasmania
This piece depicts the Spirit Man, Colin encountered while travelling through Tasmania.

The Spirit Of Tasmania by the Myall Creek artist - Colin Isaacs




 Title: Coat of Arms

Description: The symbols on this piece represents the spirit travels, meeting and camp grounds, the nature of the waterhole and the camps around it.




Title: Marriage



Teaching of the children 1

Throwing the boomerang

Natural ochre and acrylic on canvas board

 Title: Teaching of the children 2

A little girl stripping the sinew from a wallaroo

Natural ochre and acrylic on canvas board



 Title: Sea Snake and Sea Urchins

oil on board

 Title: Fisherman





 Title: Woman gathering yams

 Title: File Snake

Not Available




Title: Wik

 This image is of three pieces combined.


 Title: Walkabout Track

                   set of 3

A section of the path of a walkabout track

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  A selection of Colin's work is on display

Ceramic Break Sculpture Park

Phone: 67 294147
Fax : 67 294147



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