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 Wooden Giftware



Stone axe

Stone knives

stone Knives

Stone Axe

Stone Knives

Bone Knives

Used for hunting

Multipurpose tool

Multipurpose tool

Nulla Nulla  (Aboriginal club or throwing stick)

Aboriginal shield.

Nulla Nulla


A wooden club or throwing stick. The shape may vary between mobs.

 Defensive purpose.
Protection in battle.

 Carved fish by Koori artist Colin Isaacs

A selection of Artifacts

Fishing spear, hunting spear, shield , waddi and stone axe

Shield and Nula Nula


Shields and Nula Nula's

Shield and Nula Nula

Stone Axe

Dilly Bags

Spears with stone heads.

Close up of above spears.Close up of above spears.

Pelican carving by Colin Isaacs


 Parrot carving by Koori artist Colin Isaacs

Something different for Collectors and Players

A Rob Day Oddgeri - Artwork by the Myall Creek artist - Colin Isaacs

A Rob Day Oddgeri - Artwork By The Myall Creek artist - Colin Isaacs

A non traditional style diddgeridoo created by a master woodworker and decorated with authentic Aboriginal artwork by the Myall Creek artist - Colin Isaacs. Called an Oddgeri out of repect for the traditional didgeridoo. These are hand made to be played. Once the artwork is added, Colin considers these as part message stick, as the imaging conveys a message from the Dreaming.Traditional and non traditional didgeridoos. Created by a player and maker for lovers of the didgeridoo

Woodburning, Carvings and Pyrography - By Koori Artist Colin Isaacs
Woodburnings, Carvings and Pyrography

  Colin can be commissioned to create these artifact for any interested parties. 

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Grave Markers

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