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I use FxHome software to create the cgi effects and greenscreen compositing
used in my movies. 




A selection of stills from the Robot Planet

The Mysterious buildings on the Robot Planet

A clear day on the Robot Planet

The Stone Arch that manifests the Time Tunnel!

Looking down on the stone arch

Robosapien V2 at the Stone Arch


Sunset on the Robot Planet

The Sun going down

Dusk on the Robot Planet

View from a window in the mysterious buildings!


The mysterious Blue box on the Robot Planet!


Robosapien Videos

Wow Wee Robot Wars


How the series got started



 Episode One
Robosapien V1 is a life size home security and surveillance Robot. An evil alien Robot, a Roboquad, crash lands on Earth and intrudes on territory protected by Robosapien V1. Robosapien V1 underestimates the power of the Roboquad and is nearly defeated. Thomas, a human finishes the job and destroys Roboquad. At the end of the movie, Robosapien's visor opens and he says "Rosebud."  It was pointed out to me that Robosapien shot first and didn't do much in the way of determining if the Roboquad was friendly! That was an oversight, as the Roboquad was intended to be hostile. Filmed at Gilgai and Copeton Dam.The Copeton Dam footage looked like an alien landscape and that gave me the idea to use it although it is intended to be a remote landscape on Earth.


Episode Two
Robosapien V1 has a dream about his battle with the Roboquad. Video contains famous television and movie dialogue and quotes. See if you recognise what movies and television shows  all the famous quotes come from?

Robosapien wakes up and goes outside. He takes his job a little too seriously - shoots at kangaroos and passing cars! When returning to the garage he sees a mysterious Aboriginal Man!


Episode Three

The Roboquads have built Robosapien V2 as a weapon against Robosapien V1. V2 has a jetpack and has the ability to morph into a replica of Robosapien V1. The Roboquads send V2 to disable Robosapien V1, but the mission goes horribly wrong when V2 encounters strange phenomena in the mysterious garden. Robosapien V1 easily defeats the attack. It appears the mysterious Aboriginal Man is helping Robosapien V1!

Episode Four

A Roboquad and Robosapien V2 travel to Earth to offer Robosapien V1 a peace treaty. The peace treaty is a ruse however and the evil Roboquad plans to disable Robosapien V1. V1 has his own secret agenda and the Roboquad gets an unexpected adventure into the unknown! It doesn't go exactly as Robosapien V1 intended and he also is sent on an unexpected adventure. The Aboriginal Man has witnessed what has happened to Robosapien V1.


Episode Five

The Roboquad and Robosapien V2 arrive on the dangerous and mysterious Robot Planet and meet some of the Robotic inhabitants. Robosapien V1 arrives and is fired upon. Robosapien V1 runs off and discovers the statue of Liberty in the side of the landscape! The Robot Planet is Earth in the distant future!. The Roboraptor makes an appearance in this episode.


Episode Six

Robosapien V1 battles Robosapien V2 while trapped on the Robot Planet. Meanwhile,  the Aboriginal Man is learning how to operate Robosapien's computer. Robosapien V1 sees the Aboriginal Man who must have activated the Time Tunnel - it's a rescue! However, it appears the Roboquad and Robosapien V2 are just about to escape through the Time Tunnel when a blue Box (Dr Who's Tardis) crashes into the Roboquad and RoboV2, knocking them out of the way to allow Robosapien V1 to escape. RoboV1 arrives home, turns off the Time Tunnel,  effectively stranding RoboV2 and the Roboquad on the Robot Planet. A prototype Dalek makes an appearance in this episode.

The Time Tunnel and the Daleks click here.


Point of view of the Tardis flight path. The Tardis is drawn off course when the Time Tunnel is opened on the Robot Planet. This is from a different point of view for Episode Six

The Daleks discovered the Time Tunnel and started experimenting with it. Click below to see another POV for episode six.

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