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 The following must be provided by your organisation for an Aboriginal art & cultural workshop: -

art paper (A3 in either black or red, thus eliminating the need to paint backgrounds and waiting for a  drying period)

brushes and acrylic and/or poster paints in four colours;

Black, White, Red and Yellow (four colours used by traditional Aboriginal artists)

(acrylic/poster paint is quick drying)

The first part of the workshop should be split into two 1 hour performances where Francis will share in an entertaining way the culture of his people; stories, art and dance.  This ancient method of teaching covers important issues such as

self esteem, team building, sharing, citizenship, bullying, family unity, the environment and respect for other cultures and their beliefs.

The students are then invited to participate in traditional dance, story and question time.


There will then be a break for lunch.


The second half of the workshop, approximately 2 hour duration consists of explaining aboriginal art, symbols, dots, lines and paintings found in caves, on bark, on rocks and sometimes in sand. The students are then encouraged to paint their own style and storyline using only colours and lines, dots and  patterns aboriginal artists use.

Francis will supervise during this period. Each student will then be asked to explain their own piece.

  This is a guide only and Francis is flexible to your needs.


This workshop is designed to bring a better understanding of the oldest known culture on Earth, by the sharing of  stories, art and culture with others. The Aboriginal people of the great Island continent known as Australia have handed down their traditional beliefs, through art, story, dance and music since the beginning of time itself.

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Examples of some Francis' Art

Francis can also be commissioned to paint Aboriginal Artwork

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