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What is Storytelling?

Story, is the most natural, the most powerful, the most spiritual way to connect with people.

Aboriginal oral storytelling passes on from generation to generation with stories of history, culture, beliefs, wisdom and understanding of tears of sadness and joy.

The best experiences are shared experiences.

There is an ancient American Indian saying -
something lives only as long, as the last person who remembers it.

Francis caters for all audiences, pre-school to senior citizens.

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms and was the most valuable educational tool before modern times introduced other forms of media to entertain and educate us.

Storytelling promotes and encourages the listener of all ages, to use, and develop their imagination.

The power of listening is the only special equipment necessary beyond the use of oneís own imagination and mindís eye. However, depending on the type of performance, Francis uses costumed appearances, his own Aboriginal art as backdrops to his stories and didgeridoo players to add to the experience of the stories he is telling.

The stories Francis tells, develops the imagination, encourages the listener to consider new and inventive ideas, presents situations of wise and unwise decisions and outcomes, transports the listener to new places, times and cultures, also encouraging self-confidence and personal motivation.

Francis also has a childrens book available - Stories from the Billabong - so it's a wonderful oportunity for schools to feature the book in Book Week or even have the book available in their own library as the students will have made a connection with the books author.

Francis Firebrace's work takes him into schools, colleges, theatres, universities, libraries and festivals where he teaches
Citizenship / Personal - Social and Community Health Education and Art
Francis has a Police Clearance to work in the UK Education System.
Francis also caters for children and adults with special needs, as well as young offenders.


Word of mouth Popularity

* storytelling

* costumed appearances

* poetry

* didgeridoo

* cultural and art workshops

* raising self esteem and team building
   seminars in schools

* audience participation

* Aboriginal art workshops

* discussion

* storytelling through art

* Spiritual Workshops

* Aboriginal Spiritual Wedding Ceremonies

Click here for Information on Art Workshops

Education with Imagination.
School excursions without leaving the classroom!

Teachers can have a holiday
while Francis Firebrace takes the class on a journey.

An entertaining journey, of fun and
exploration  of the Australian Aboriginal culture.

Francis has entertained, thrilled and enthralled audiences the world over
 with his Aboriginal Dreamtime stories.

Let Francis transport you to new places,
other times and cultures.

The performance is also interactive with Francis soon involving and inviting the audience to participate in the performance.

Fun and Entertaining.
The gentle way of learning.

Unique learning experience.

Francis is said to
his audience.

Francis' performance and teachings also encourages and
activates self esteem.

Francis specialises in children and adults with special needs and PRUs

young offenders also catered for.

enquire if your school has special needs.


Man of Two Tribes

Through the use of his art, stories and traditional dance, Francis brings to his audience the three dimensions of the aboriginal dreaming. Each of his large Dreamtime paintings depicts a story of his people, enabling Francis to use them as powerful backdrops to the stories. Francis paints using the four colours of the Earth, that his people have used since the beginning of time.
(A period known as the Dreamtime)

Each story contains special messages, so relevant to our modern day society. Members of the audience are invited to participate in traditional dance and question time. This performance is not only informative, but highly entertaining. Each performance lasts approximately 60 - 90 minutes.

Francis has no preference of the number of people at performances. Between 200 to 300 are not uncommon as long as the sound via microphone is adjusted correctly and people can see properly.

Francis is one of the few remaining Master Aboriginal storytellers from Australia. His performance should not be missed, as his work will speak for itself.

Francis Firebrace exudes passion for his culture.
Give him an audience and he can keep them spellbound for as long as he chooses.
There is no one left untouched by this man's message, warmth and unique talent.


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Dreamtime Stories

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What some teachers have said after Francis has visited their school.

Dear Francis 

Thank you so much for coming to our school recently. I think it is a fantastic way to give our children more of an understanding about the world and the diversity of people living in it. If they remember some of the important messages you told them about tolerance, caring and self belief their lives will be enriched for having met you. They all had a wonderful time too!

Your storytelling is a gift, thanks for sharing it with us. The music from Philip was awesome too.

 Dear Francis,

For me, your visit was like a breath of fresh air. I always try to see the best in people and give a friendly smile or word of encouragement, especially to those children who have low self esteem and find life difficult. Its not always easy to do that, but the way you took time to speak to all of us, made every one of us you spoke to feel special, and I for one will try to do more of that.


Take care my friend


Nikki (the librarian whose hair matches your beard!)



The school has not been the same since you left.  I have been trying to wait until my spirits lifted before contacting you to thank you so very much for the most incredible day.   Your presence transformed the entire staff, lifted them and for the first time allowed me to feel accepted. The kids adored you and what makes them happy, makes me happy.


You are truly inspiring, thank you so much.

What some children have said after Francis has visited their school.

Dear Francis,

I thought the story about the platypus was fantastic. Now I know why you travel the world telling people the story. When I told my mum about what I had learnt, she wished she was still at school.

Dear Mr Firebrace,

I thank you for all the excitement and pictures. I loved the stories and it was nice having a better brother than my own! I liked all the stories especially about Googaga.

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