All items in this on-line Gallery are not for sale
All items are hand made  and on display at New England Woodturning Supplies to create interest and inspiration for fellow woodworkers.

Some of Rob's earlier work.

Carvings of Wild Boar, Trout & Falcon

Scroll Clock

Cariacature Carvings




All carvings are hand carved using traditional handcarving tools. A variety of projects, 3-D and low relief.

A decorative interlaying of sanded and glued pieces of
Wooden mosaic.

All hand cut and shaped by hand from many species of timber

Intarsia  Outside Dunny

 Intarsia Parrot

 Intarsia Pirate Skull




 Intarsia Walrus

Disappearing Figure

 Intarsia Old Musket




Intarsia Trout

Intarsia Eagle

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