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Colin Isaacs


Born 1953
Matrabar, Sydney, NSW

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Myall Creek Massacre Site Artist /

Community Artist

Colin Isaacs Aboriginal Artist

Colin, a member of the Dharawal people on his mothers side and the Noongar people on his fathers side, is now part of the extended family of the Ngarabal people.

Colin moved to Inverell from Sydney's La Perouse in the early 1980's where he has evolved into one of the finest Aboriginal Artists Australia has ever produced. A description used by Mr Wesley Noffs National Director of the Life Education Centres. Mr Noffs presented this comment after Colin had produced a mural measuring 28 metres long by 3 metres wide.

Colin is a Dharawal elder who is also known as the Myall Creek artist (Myall Creek Massacre site artist) who created the imaging and art used along the memorial walkway of the Myall Creek Memorial Site.

Myall Creek Massacre site memorial.

Myall Creek Memorial Walkway

Colin portrays his own unique interpretation of Aboriginal Culture on canvas, elaborate woodburnings, high quality artifacts, textile and pottery design. Colin's art has been purchased by private collectors from Holland, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Cypress, Canada, United States of America, Japan and Australia.

Colin Isaacs' style of imaging could be described as Dharawal – Eora – Goriwal – Noongar - Ngarabal. All these mobs play a part of Colin’s style. It may appear Colin has several styles, but Colin is a prolific artist who has utilised several mediums to display his imaging as well as create more contemporary images.

Art and cultural expression is important to the Aboriginal people.

Very few Aboriginal artists, if any, have been trained as artists, in the normal perception of what an artist is by white society. The Elders have passed their knowledge, know how, methods, meaning and spiritual significance of creating these images onto others to continue with the tradition.

These images are not created solely for the purpose of being art, for arts sake. These images are a form of communication. They convey relationships to the land, to the Dreaming, history, life experiences as well as modern ideology.

Art is another form of communication, a language that all people speak, which cuts across racial, cultural, social, educational and economic barriers. A form of communication to express emotions, visions, imagination, entertainment or events, beyond the capacity of words.

Colin's goal is to build an awareness, appreciation and respect for Aboriginal art in the broader community, as well as in the wider Arts and cultural sector.

Another goal is to revive and continue traditions valued by the Aboriginal culture so the Aboriginal culture continues further into the twenty first century and beyond!


Myall Creek

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Colin's art is available for exhibitions and showings.
current exhibition:  Ceramic Break Sculpture Park

Current art

Woodburnings, Carvings and Pyrography - Colin Isaacs

Woodburnings, Carvings and Pyrograhy

Whale Carvings

Wooden Giftware with Colin's art
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