The Billabong Games by Holly Smith

The Billabong Games

Extracts from reviews of this book:
... immensly enjoyable for young and old, wonderment and education,
brilliant writings, amazing heights of awareness touching everyone.
Let us unite with the Aboriginal culture, and let us celebrate the indigenous
people of Australia within the covers of The Billabong Games.

A worthy gift to delight both children and adults.


Kooee Koala raced off as fast his little legs would carry him.

Kooee Koala




Who is Kooee Koala and where is he going?

He is going to the Billabong Games and you can go there too in your reading of this book.

Kooee was afraid that the brolgas might make their trumpet call and disturb everyone, or hold things up with their dancing. Aboriginal legend says a girl called Buralga loved to dance. She was captured by a magician who made a whirlwind and turned her into a brolga who must dance forever.


a brolga

 Tree frog falling off the branch with a Crocodile waiting below.

What happened to Tree Frog when
he fell off the branch?


Holly's book is designed to encourage the powers of observation and thinking.




The Billabong Games, Holly's third book, is a lot of fun. But as we enjoy the story we learn a lot more about our Australian animals because Holly has injected into the story, so many interesting and some lesser-known facts about Australian animals.

The book is also a unique combination of Aboriginal art with a story by a white woman.

The colourful characters in the book are designed to appeal to all ages, young and old.

Clarence the Koala, affectionately known to all the animals as Kooee, struggles to keep the Games in order. As the story unfolds, we learn more about the environment and Aboriginal lore.

This 48 page book also includes a section of animal facts, an activity work book with a quiz and puzzle etc., and fourteen colourful illustrations by Aboriginal artist Des Hickey. At the end comes a surprise with another story, The Lost Crystal. This story tells about a crystal which is used to seal the present given to Kooee, but which falls off and disappears.

Holly Smith was a teacher for forty years, is now a creative writing tutor and also has her own editing and manuscript appraisal business. Holly has Certificates/Diplomas in PR, Journalism, Advertising. Holly appears in one International and two Australian Who’s Whos of Writers; book reviewer; radio program planner and presenter; press releases; newsletter producer and editor; seminar planner and presenter.

Her second book, GLEB And The Golden Ball is about an ET boy who brings his golden ball of love to earth.

Holly's Fourth book - Thomas Tadpole

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