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A Tool For Self -Exploration

Based on Ancient Aboriginal Wisdom

Oracle of the Dreamtime is a beautiful book and card set based on Aboriginal spiritual beliefs - the Dreaming stories - that have been passed around camp fires since long before Europeans set foot in Australia. There is much that this old wisdom can still teach us about how to live our lives today, and here the Dreamings are presented as a tool for self-exploration and inspiration, in a form accessible to all.

According to the Dreamings, animals, plants and the creatures of the land are the Aboriginal ancestors, brothers and sisters, mothers or fathers. They are called
kobong, or totems, and are never to be harmed. In return, they give protection, connect to the spiritual, and guide us during difficult moments.

Donni Hakanson's system respects this tradition, and offers powerful messages of counsel for every aspect of life today. Her insight into Aboriginal culture, together with stunning and authentic Dreaming card illustrations, combine to help us find answers and alternatives that lie within ourselves.

  • First system to offer Aboriginal wisdom for modern-day use
  • Re-tells the powerful Dreaming stories of the Aboriginal belief system
  • Circular cards give an extra dimension to the energies within a reading
  • Includes appendix of Australian bush flower essences from Ian white
  • Card illustrations by aboriginal artists, including Francis Firebrace
  • Most of the Dreamtime stories in this set are, as re-told by Francis Firebrace
  • Available in German, Dutch, Italian & Spanish










Within Australia

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Oracle of the Dreamtime 

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Rest of the World

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